Here’s what clients have to say about Solange Swafford’s services:

“Solange has been an incredible healing agent in my life and helped me break free from my past wounds and claim my freedom and power. Her walk and talk method amplifies the whole process, and I highly recommend her services.”

“I feel so lucky to have found Solange! People ask me all the time how I’m so wise and happy and seem to have it all together now, and I tell them it’s because I have the best therapist to talk to about everything! And adding the walking piece just makes me realize how important physical movement is for our emotional well-being.”

“Traditional therapy that takes place in an office setting can feel clinical. I didn’t realize how helpful and freeing getting outside and moving around could be until I met Solange! My problems felt less insurmountable outdoors, and I think I made more progress in a shorter amount of time because of it.”